Welcome to Bazaar Savings

A New Kind of Fundraiser

Bazaar Savings is an exclusive digital savings platform. Our goal is to strengthen and connect communities by helping local groups earn much needed funds and giving local small businesses the opportunity to acquire new customers through incentives.


How It Works

Local groups turn to us as an alternative to traditional fundraiser efforts such as bake sales and coupon books. We find local small business partners to support our groups by offering one-of-a-kind incentives on our exclusive savings platform. Incentives enable supporters to save money all year long as well as support local groups and businesses.


Our business model is simple – strengthen and connect communities. Through service and technology we aim to cultivate relationships between local groups, small business owners, and supporters all year long.


We offer a broad range of incentives and deals in home improvement, fitness, health, entertainment, dining, and lifestyle. Deals enables members to explore and learn more about local groups and businesses in their community.


Through our tri-fold approach we enable communities to support one another through giving back, supporting local groups, and promoting small businesses strategically through incentives.

Support, explore, and strengthen your community with us.