Strong Towns Gathering Meeting: North Texas

Join Strong Towns in Texas to talk about all the ways each of us can work to make our places stronger, better places to live.

The North Texas Strong Towns Gathering is for you if you want to:

  1. Connect with other people who care about the future of North Texas communities;
  2. Learn how to make your town strong from leading experts from across America, and;
  3. Create a unique action plan to solve the community challenges you care about most, and build the relationships you need to get it done.

We hope you join us: Click for more information.

Wednesday, October 3rd: Watch a Curbside Chat from Strong Towns President Chuck Marohn at the University of Texas Arlington. This core Strong Towns presentation reveals why so many of our communities are struggling to pay for basic services despite decades of seemingly robust growth. Please note: the curbside chat is free and open to the public, as well as all North Texas Gathering registrants; those who wish to register for the Curbside Chat only may do so after August 31st by selecting the Curbside Chat RSVP optino below.

Thursday: October 4th: A full day of workshops, talks, film screenings and events with leading experts, including:

Friday, October 5: A full morning of “next step” roundtables designed to help each registrant construct a unique action plan for the community issues they care about most.

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Thursday and Friday events will be held in venues along Plano’s 15th Street, a lively, walk-able main drag that showcases the best of the Plano region. All venues will be fully accessible.

All are welcome to attend the North Texas gathering. However, please be aware that the speakers and issues discussed will have a regional focus on North Texas.