Bazaar Savings is pleased to support various groups and organizations looking for funds to support their community activities including schools, extra-curricular programs, athletics, PTA’s, youth sports’ organizations, church organizations, Boys & Girls Clubs, Community Centers and other local, community-based groups.

Why Choose Bazaar Savings?

  No upfront costs!

  • Bazaar Savings is free to use if you are selected to participate.

  No minimum sales!

  • You receive 50%* of each new membership sold whether you sell 100 memberships or 1000.

  No inventory, money collection or door-to-door sales!

  • Decrease theft and losses by eliminating inventory, cash collection and knocking on doors (unless you really want too!)

  No paperwork!

  • It’s all digital. Just provide the link and the member will go online and do the rest.

*Transactional fees apply.

Additional Benefits

No Waiting Time for Sales Funds.

Membership sales are fully automated and occur in real-time. You receive your money at the same time we do. No waiting until the fundraiser ends to collect your profits!

Free Event Marketing.

Organizations can advertise eligible community events and programs on our Community Events page (special rules apply).

Fundraise All Year Long.

Forget fall and spring fundraising, this program can run all year long! As an added bonus, when members renew their membership each year, you receive 25%* of the renewal fee. It’s the fundraiser that keeps on giving.

Indirect Fundraising.

Because members must select an organization to support in order to join Bazaar Savings, you could get additional unanticipated sales simply from independent website traffic. As an added bonus, Organizations can request use of our direct donations page to raise additional funds for specific needs (special rules apply).

*Transactional fees apply.

How Do I Start Fundraising with Bazaar Savings?

We are currently accepting applications for Organizations in the Dallas/Fort Worth area and surrounding communities.*

To apply click on the form below.

*Organizations must meet certain criteria to be approved. Not all organizations will be approved. Space is limited.