What Makes Bazaar Savings Different?

Profitable Campaigns

Our platform provides fixed monthly costs so that you can control your expenses. We do not take a percentage of sales and there are no unexpected charges or fees that reduce your sales profits.

Immediate Sales Return

Merchant sales go directly to you. No waiting until a campaign ends to receive funds and determine whether you made a profit.

Increased Customer Base

Gain access to thousands of local, engaged consumers who have already expressed their desire to give back to their community and shop locally by purchasing their membership to the site.

Community Focused

Our full circle giving approach focuses on helping locally-based businesses grow and give back to the community while benefiting local organizations and their supporters. It’s a win-win-win for everybody!

Marketing Assistance

Need help putting your campaign together? Want to make sure your deal is as effective as possible? Our business advocates will work directly with you to tailor your campaign and answer any questions you have along the way.


Change deals whenever you want, run multiple deals including flash sales or one-time-only discounts. As long as the deal is unique to Bazaar Savings, you have the ability to tailor your campaign to maximize your profits.

How Do I Become a Business Partner?

We are currently accepting applications for Business Partners in the Dallas/Fort Worth area and surrounding communities. To become a Partner, click on the link below and complete the form.

*Business partners must meet certain criteria to be approved. Space is limited depending on type of business or service provided.