The Importance of a Community Organization

The Importance of a Community Organization

Organizations are important for your community because they focus each community’s needs specifically. These organizations are the gateway to voice your opinion to government organizations. Community based organizations make improvements at a family level according to your environment. More transportation, housing, environmental protection, emergency response and petitions are issues each community addresses. Attending community board meetings will help you create relationships with others in your neighborhood and create a tight knit community, and a tight knit community can benefit everyone in the neighborhood and can keep small businesses going, as well as preserving historical significance, safety, and keeping your neighborhood clean. At the community meetings, members of the community as well as yourself, can voice opinions and concerns to help find solutions and push for new ideas and changes that can improve your neighborhood. It’s your community, and the change can start with you.

Four Ways You Can Get Involved:

1. Small cities and towns almost always benefit from community organizations that involve people besides the traditional rulers.

2. Sub-areas of cities should almost always define neighborhood boundaries, start a neighborhood association, and maintain thriving and effective neighborhood associations, starting small and informal. The page gives plenty of detail.

3. Many suburban neighborhoods now are old or obsolete enough to need to band together. Block units can be just as effective in suburbs as in older and more dense parts of a city.

4. Rural neighborhoods also can improve their appearance and functioning through boundary definition and shared problem-solving.

Community organizations are known to lead to greater understanding of community context, and they’re characterized by community planning, community action and mobilization, the promotion of community change and, ultimately, influence within larger systems. So get involved.

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